Pagan Winter
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Hehehe, after I saw this album cover I just had to buy this, the cover was so fucking incredibly ridiculous and stupid. Stupid looking dudes with stupid "corpse paint" (if you can call they're stuff actual corpse paint) and in color photo... oh my fucking god!

So based on the album cover I almost knew what to expect from this. Only that I was little surprised as this is almost great! Fucking hyperspeed blasting, snare sounding like the drummer would be beating some cans. Typical (EASY!!) black metal guitars, influences from all (real) "True Norwegian Black Metal" bands, but with some own ideas.. so they does not sound even close as infernal, misanthropic, whatever. Vocals are typical black metal rasps with very little if any variation.. actually why the hell do I like this? This is so fucking typical and mindless, but there's something.. this is just so raw, constant straightforward blasting. I also like the war theme on this album, it starts and ends with war sounds and after every songs there's some war effects.. cool. Of course, not even close as impressive as on Marduk's "Panzer Division". Production isn't anything special, but is clear enough to hear all instruments.

After all very positive surprise, there's nothing new really but it's just so brutal that I like it. Not that kind of album what you keep listening over and over and over again though. Overall 6 out of 10.

2000 wrath