Black Metal Holocaust

This CD is limited to 500 copies and the first 200 come with maggots inside (I wish my copy would’ve been one of those!)!!! They're supposed to be hand numbered but mine isn’t. From what I hear they (berzerker) just stopped numbering them for some reason. As for the packaging, its very old school. Inside are pictures of band members fucking around and doing various poses. The cover could’ve been a little better though, the drawing is kind of cheap. This is on an NS label although nothing inside nor in the lyrics indicates the band to be. There's no lyrics inside but you can pretty much understand everything he says. Now for the important part, the music!

Like the packaging, this is old school black metal. The production is perfect! Picture the sound quality of a black sabbath album. Every instrument is heard clearly (next to Barathrum, I've never heard the bass so much in a BM album). Every song chugs along at the same pace pretty much, but the riffs are fucking killer! Ill use the description of the flyer for this CD in case you haven’t gotten it yet: “If you like bands as BEHERIT, NECROSCHIZMA, BESTIAL SUMMONING, BLASPHEMY, BARATHRUM, DARKTHRONE, VENOM, AND HELLHAMMER you will worship this!” Lyrically this is as directly Satanic as It gets. “Satan” is said throughout this CD countless times. Blasphemies from “With anger and hate we kill jesus!” to “I piss on the face of god.” Good stuff. One of my favorite moments is on the last track where the music stops and the vocalist starts screaming “Satan! SSSSAAAAAAATTTTTTTAAAAANNN!!!!!” over and over. This CD is essential. Hurry up and get your copy soon because I doubt this will be repressed.

© 2000 the ancient one