The First Possession

Most who know me know I prefer black metal to sound raw and ugly with primitive/non-technical styled riffs (VON, the Black Legions, early BEHERIT, etc...). However, I don't think ALL raw black metal is good, and WARLOGHE are a band that fall in this category. The production isn't as raw as say MUTIILATION, but more clear than the average raw black metal. The drums irritate the fuck out of me (imagine someone beating on trash cans with a baseball bat). Most of the riffs are "Nordic" sounding, drawing BURZUM and GORGOROTH comparisons, getting very boring before long. The screams aren't bad but not great either (probably the best thing about this CD). To sum it up, the only time I'll probably ever listen to this is if a trader asks for it, and even then I'll probably turn down the volume and listen to something on my other stereo...

2000 bathym