The Baltic Fog

Taaasty! All the old school dudes will be drooling all over it. Sauron like to stick to the very essence of black metal, and they do it pretty well. Lots of Celtic Frost ("Morbid Tales," what else?), plus Bathory (early period obviously), Darkthrone ("A Blaze In The Northern Sky" of course) and early Norwegian black metal in general - this is what Sauron are all about. Mid-paced songs with occasional excursions into the hyper-speed territory, simplistic drumming, good throaty shrieks, raw noisy guitars, and the bass is very audible. The lyrics are not included but judging by the song titles like "In The Glare Of Black Candles," "Hellish Requiem," "Grave," "Necromancy," these guys are on the side of the Horned One.

So, Sauron are derivative, and they are not better than the originals, but who gives a fuck? They rock. These guys got the spirit, and they are certainly not one of those lame textbook wonnabees. Look at the band's picture even. No trends, no spikes, no corpse paint or other paraphernalia; just long hair, leather jackets and sincere attitude. They won't be signing record deals with Nuclear Blast anytime soon, that's for sure. If you are an old school dude, write these bastards and show your support.

Artur Zagozdzinski
ul. Krolewska 9 m. 22
26 - 600, Radom

2000 boris