Pagan Rites
Pagan Rites

Two years of existence, a handful of releases, and a classic band to many.

This is truly a unique disc, and if you manage to track it down, consider yourself lucky. Along with Mayhemic Truth, Pagan Rites are in every way the god(s!)fathers of Bathory worship. "Heathen Land", "Unholy Ancient War", "Winter Grief"...every track a powerful slab of nasty black metal.

The clean vocals behind the rampaging music often lead into blatant violence, the ancient recording (ha! the pop of the vinyl can be heard on the 7" tracks) quality only lead credibility to their sound, and the fucking great, great music...

Two demos, the brilliant "Hail Victory!" 7" (which is more of a Bathory viking period experiment), and five new (!) tracks (not to mention a genius rendition of "Blood of my Enemies" from Manowar), all released by Mr. Bull Metal. If only this had been put on vinyl...

2000 brand