Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul

It's funny how Mutiilation are currently the 'it' band in the black metal scene. Talking about Mutiilation on the internet four years ago would have either gotten a 'aren't they a death metal band?' or 'who the fuck are they?' reply. 'Vampires...' was so poorly distributed and talked about when it was first released that I'm quite certain that 3/4 of the copies were sold in the last year. I will accept the accusations that LARM! has in fact made certain bands a little too trendy, sure.

It's important to take the linear notes to this disc with a grain of salt too. One must remember Mutiilation were writing lyrics in Norwegian during their demos and were considered funny by some (not 'KKKKULT!!!'). And since when is Meyhna'ch dead? I assume, like Belketre, 'R.I.P' either means 'left the scene' or in Meyhna'ch's case, 'addicted to drugs'?

Regardless, 'Remains...' is the oldest French BM band at their rawest, and possibly best (although the new 7" is too good to be true). 'Through the Funeral Maelstrom of Evil' is easily their most melancholic and fitting song since the opening to 'Vampires...', while the two post-Vampire tracks are almost Sort Vokter-ish with the cheap drum machine ( Kriss, who later started up Hegemon, was an important part of the band IMO) and frreezzzing cold keyboards.

Glorious, evil times! It'll make the tired old souls smile, guaranteed. Nobody else deserves to even listen to it.

2000 brand