Khaoohs and Kon-Fus-Ion

This is the most fucked up death metal ever recorded. Imagine the Mothers of Invention doing a record with Cannibal Corpse and you may get a slight hint of what this sounds like.

Here's the list of the bands aliases before we go further:

Winter (Benny Larsson of Edge of Sanity)
Mourning (Dread of Edge of Sanity)
Day Disyraah (Dan Swano)
Derelict (Robert Karlsson, the guy who replaced Dan in E.O.S)
Aag (Dag Swano, Dan's brother)

So, the band is basically Edge of Sanity. The liner notes proclaim that this CD is "the final tribute to Raagoonshinnaah, the god of emptiness and despair".

So we're treated to two tracks (the first is 12 minutes, the second 14) of rambling extreme death/doom with breaks of experimental soprano sax, keyboards, and bizarre electronic bleeps. The vocals are particularly low and sickening. Then track three is a cool ambient keyboard track with a clock ticking in the background. Track four is a minute of silence titled "In Remembrance". Overall this album is a convoluted masterpiece. A twisted, bizzare work of art. This won't appeal to everyone, but I sure like it.

Favorite track: The Battle of Geeheeb

Grade: A

2000 raagoonshinnaah