Still Life

Every Opeth album I have heard has been a truly awesome experience, and this one is no different. It may not have the majesty of "Morningrise" or "My Arms, Your Hearse" but the songwriting is still there. If you haven't heard Opeth before the play a patented brand of music which can be called Blackfolkdeathjazz. Something for every metal fan here. What may turn some off is the romantic content of the lyrics (the album's story is a pagan Beauty and the Beast type thing).

Mike's vocals are truly excellent, howling demon voice and whispy singing in perfect balance, as is the music.

If you are an Opeth fan you've probably hunted this one down by now, if you want to get into Opeth this is a good place to start.

Favorite track: Every song is good!

Grade: A

2000 raagoonshinnaah