[Sound Age]

I bet these guys dream of repeating the success that their countrymen Mental Home are currently enjoying. Not that Radigost sound like Mental Home - not at all - but they tread a more or less similar terrain. The music on "Nocturne" is doomy and symphonic, fairly melodic and full of luscious keyboards and epic aspirations, albeit with some faster, blackened injections to supply a harder edge. It is not surprising then that this is a rather accessible and ultimately commercial music. Of course, you could say the same thing about Mental Home's last record, but the thing is that Mental Home are really good while Radigost are average at best. And you know what they say about average works of art, be it music or movies or whatever. They would say that it has moments, or that it's passable but flawed, and so on. And that is basically my verdict for this album. It "has moments," and far too few of them I might add. If it is good enough for you, go ahead and check it out. If not - don't bother.

2000 boris