From Xicotepec With Love
[Vinyl Communications]

Psywarfare is Integrity's Dwid fully indulging his very serious noise obsession. And after looking over his thank list you know this is going to be the real thing, as he thanks people like Boyd Rice, Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) and Man Is The Bastard's noise side-project known as Bastard Noise.

Musically, five long tracks that make up this 70-minute disc contain pools of skillfully manipulated electronic distortion (from harsh bursts of white noise ala Merzbow or Brighter Death Now, to more calm, stretched-out noise layers penetrated with eerie ambience), dissolved vocals, minimalistic pulsations, and even gamelan inspired orchestration, which can be witnessed on the very peculiar last track.

Quite a diverse album I must say, and it sure sounds like Dwid knows what he is doing. If you have any interest what so ever in this kind of music, this is definitely recommended.

2000 boris