Cradle Of Filth
[Music For Nations]

Not because I'm their biggest fan, but more because this will surely be talked about to death in comming weeks, I simply wanted to be first, he he..

1. At The Gates Of Midian
2. Cthulu Dawn
3. Saffron's Curse
4. Death Magik For Adepts
5. Lord Abortion
6. Amore E Morte
7. Creatures That Kissed In Cold
8. The Ghost In The Fog
9. Satanic Mantra
10. Tearing The Veil From Grace
11. Torture Soul Asylum

Honestly, this is perhaps the most brutal sounding release from Cradle since their early demos, with a much more death metal influenced sound than anything else.
Gone are the vampyric themes all but altogether!
The lyrical content on Midian deals with demonology, ghosts, curses and yes, Satanism! Are these boys growing up? Getting meaner?
In response to their ever-growing popularity & inferred 'commercialism', while distancing themselves from the 'black metal scene', singer Dani once respponded in an interview that once they had money & power, they might truly be dangerous, having been afforded the freedom and resources to actually...persue...their true interests.
With Midian, it would appear that time has arrived!
What surprised this listener at once was the fact that the typical Cradle use of synths & femal vocals is DRASTICALLY played down on this release, while the guitar riffing is just plain violent - a move in the right direction!
I personally thought 'Cruelty & The Beast' had all the potential in the world, lacking only in it's "goth faery-tale" atmosphere. With Midian, the band has finally reached their full potential, in my opinion.
Fast, angry & intense - the only laughable moment (you knew there had to be one!) is the short "Satanic Mantra". Must be the british accent - I just can't take Satanism seriously from these guys!
Seriuosly though, wether you like them or hate them, this cd is worth checking out, if only to hear the band's progression.
While right now I'm listening to Beherit, Vlad Tepes and Obtained Enslavement, I give this a big thumbs up.
Most noteable track? Cthulu Dawn for it's speed, intensity & brilliant riffs. Tearing The Veil From grace for rawness, brutality and death-influenced aggression.
Did I just say that about a Cradle Of Filth release???
You bet. Their best work to date.

2000 lorjef