Unholy Trinity

I bugged Sabazios Diabolus for all the Lust demos, and with the persuasion of $15, he got a fellow maniac to burn this cd, AND he sent a couple live tapes to boot! Right on!

Lust Demo #1 (07/97)
This has already been reviewed on Larm. Go read that numbnuts. The sound here is a little clearer and still fuckin heavy as hell!

Lust demo #2 (07/99) "Holocaust Whore Hellslut"
The Intro is a short, multilayered demonic thingy. "Iron Warfare" shows the change Lust made with new recording equipment and microphones. The bottom end is seriously lacking, but the axework is so freaked out. You know how you felt the first time you heard a Slayer guitar solo? Well, Lust are influenced by over the top black metal/ grind like Necrovore, Beherit and Blasphemy.
This may come off as an insult but the "singing" sounds like a growling psychotic drunken Grover from Sesame Street! (No, NOT like the Cookie Monster. Grover was the cool guy!) Maybe I'm just tired of labelling Sabazios' vocals as tortured fallen angel/ wolf/female-like wails and groans.
"Anal Queen of Darkness" has a great midsection for a minute that slows down and dooms before kicking it back into faster insanity. The outro "Beyond Andromeda" is cool cuz it's actual demented guitars, drums and howls, not fucked up samples and effects.
Included on this cd is "Venomous Hatred" from the same recording session , and from the (now out of print?) compilation tape 'Hymns of the Apocalypse'. Stop/starts/slows down. Lots of whammy bar squeals and grindy bass. Again, suffers from thin sound, but who cares?! It ends with feedback, and feedback rules in my book! My soul thrives on it!

Lust Demo #3 (10/99) "Apocalyptic Torment" (from 3-way split tape w/ Unholy Archangel, and kult)
"Storming Under Steel" is a black metal blitzkrieg! Lots of time changes. Sounds a little messy, which is good. If production was heavier this would bludgeon , instead it rips.
"Unholy Cavalry", another one of Lust's best songs. Weld influences of Possessed, Slayer, Venom, cult metal like Sarcofago, Nuclear Death (who suck), etc. The song structure/ guitar playing sounds like a drunk guy stumbling with a chainsaw or lawnmower chopping everything in his path! If you don't like it, you're a lameass and should be listening to new Emperor or Cradle of Crap!
"Fallen One" is a little more "sensible" in the European black metal/cult style. Solid with riffing that even Morbid Angel/ Cannibal Corpse fans could handle...maybe.
"Awakening of Homodeus" is fast, and gets 'melodic' in a twisted way. It's quick, not too different from other Lust songs.
Tacked on at the end of my copy of the Unholy Trinity collection are the tracks from the upcoming split 7" with Krieg. Don't know if he will put this on for others, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

The intro is a satanic hymn I assume, with vocals only. "Lightning and the Sun" has controversial lyrics, that's all I'll say and that THIS is so far THE BEST SONG Lust have written. It's a progression from "Unholy Calvary", and better than "Venomous Hatred"! No wonder this is being released on vinyl cuz it's so fuckin GOD!!! The Outro is brief with military type drumming.

19 trax, 72 minutes.
Bernard Asquin
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Edmonton, AB
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