Long Road to the Land of Black

Talk about unknown bands... KOROZY hail from Bulgaria, a land with great ancient/folkore traditions.

KOROZY have managed to create an album combining metal, brutality, melody, darkness, hate,

sorrow and national folkore. The outcome is quite unique and fascinating I'd say. The whole album is based on a concept dealing with a cursed witch and the lyrics are written as continuations of the story. The singer's voice (an evil-sounding rasp) fits the music perfectly! There's some female singing too at points. Anyone who likes melodic black metal with a lot of folk-influences just HAS to check this band out! Just listen to songs like: "Road to the land of black", "Dying Memories" and "Soul Belongs to Evil" and see how fucking brilliant this band is!

These guys certainly deserve to be heard!


2000 naargrim