[No Colours]

"Herbstleyd" the first full-length album by Germany's Nargaroth (which is only one member, Kantwulf, and a session guitarist) is easily the most impressive black metal release I have ever heard. Haunting, chaotic, and atmospheric as fuck.

Nargaroth is cult black metal escalated to cinematic proportions.

It starts off with an incredible ten minute intro involving choral singing, keyboards, the sound of battle and fire, and a woman speaking in German. If black metal was an epic movie, this would be the soundtrack. We are treated to many of these sections throughout the album as well as some staggeringly well done black metal. Fast and primitive in the style of Graveland and Bathory.

I really can't recommend this CD enough. This does NSBM proud.

If you have any reservations about paying the large sum you will no doubt have to to get a copy, the record is 70 minutes long.

A+ (fucking essential!!)

2000 raagoonshinnaah