Ontos On
Somber Chaotic Entrance...

What we have here, is the debut mini disk, Somber Chaotic Entrance In The Chasm Of Existential Resignation (?), from the little known band Ontos On, emerging from (I believe) Canada. Musically, this is very grim black metal, simaler in style to Destroyer era Gorgoroth, or even Pure Holocaust era Immortal. The songs are really nothing new, just distant blast beats leading some "old school" sounding guitar riffing, with lyrics in the vein of Emperor or Setherial. Maybe the most interesting element here however, is the band's incorporation of a "funeral" style organ, which adds a very dark and depressing edge to the tunes. The disk comes with a nice foldout booklet, featuring the members posed over lit candels (surprised?). Although this isn't very original work, I personally think this band has a lot to offer, and I look forward to the full-length.

All in all, I would recommend this to fans of the common speedy and grim black metal.

2001 orodruin