Ved Buens Ende
Those Who Caress The Pale

Ved Buens Ende ( what in the fuck does this mean... ), although literally unheard of, are one of the many bands circulating beneath the media circus clowns over in Norway. I tell you, I really have NEVER heard anything quite like this, EVER, and because of that, it is difficult to compile a decent reveiw, oh well. Here goes.

Ved Buens Ende is made up of Aldrahn, Vicotnik, and Carl Micheal. Now... I would like to start out by paying my respects to Mr. Micheal here. First of all, he IS THE BEST lyricist in the entire scene. His words to me are much more than song lyrics, going beyond any false or egotistical mask, but simply raw emotion slapped right down on to a page, dripping with the juices of hatred and sadness. Therefore, I consider him to be a poet of the finest caliber, and not a writter. Nuf' said

I have heard many people call Ved Buens Ende a mixture of black metal, and Jazz, and to a certian extent, I believe I would agree. Much of thier music is obviously founded on basic Jazz rythms and timings. But, it goes way beyond that, even to the point where when I listen to this particular album, I don't hear notes, but rather I see a series of mental pictures passing before my eyes. A reflection of these individuals minds. I believe that would be the mark of excellent material.

" Those Who Caress The Pale" also features some unbelivable vocal ability, demonstrated by both Carl and Vicotnik. Although most of the most of the songs are centered on the black metal idealology, and therfore have the typical " black vocals", many songs feature the appearance of a very sombre and saddened clean voice. It is distant and " moany " at times, but also hateful in different parts. Very interesting.

All in all, this is a very strong release which I believe would appeal to the underground addicts.

2001 orodruin