The Final Chapter
[Nuclear Blast]

A band I used to think was fucking cool, but they really lost me with "Abducted". When I got this album I was not expecting big things, and although the start sounded like it could be cool, it quickly drifts off into hardcore, punk and rock riffs, like so often in this groovy death metal thing that evolved, mixed with heavy metal doom like riffs from "Abducted". To be honest I was somewhat pleased that this was ment to be Hypocrisy's farewell album, so I'd not have to endure more defouling of a band I used to be heavily into. This album basically picks up where Abducted left off, and is a natural successor to said album, which I think is to bad as I was tremendously let down by "Abducted", and while I have a bit of a problem deciding which one of this one and "Abducted" is the worst, I can only say that neither really interest me, and them quitting it after this was pretty much a good thing, but alas they decided to reform...

2001 sharund