Cult Of Daath
The Triumphant Holocaust

GRRRR!!!!! ALL HAIL THE AMERICAN BLACK METAL SCENE!!!!! The american BM scene is UNTOUCHED when it comes to bringing forth images of pure HATRED!.. yes, I'll give it to the europians for coldness, darkness, and what not, but as far as hatred goes, americans own you all! And this band is just further proof! Pure hatred laid down on this demo, very amazing stuff!! Lets get to the review..

Vox - The vocals on this cd are a typical black rasp/shout, done very well, and very similar to Necro Holocausto at times.. Nice 6/10

Guitars - The guitars on this album never get very technical (not a bad thing), they are produced with a very thick, deep sound.. very evil sounding indeed! Bringing forth images of a holocaust to wipe out all of mankind! Very well done 8/10

Bass - The bass here is hard to hear (it is only a demo) which is always upsetting, but when it is, it is very deep and murky, helping to bring out that inner-hatred locked deep inside!! Very good 7/10

Drums - The drums here are very nicely done! Never getting out of hand with the blasts, but never stopping in their relentless attack!! Not as technical as most in black metal, but just as good as any in how they match the music and carry the music on its back.. time changes are all over the place bringing forth visions of chaotic bliss.. Very good 8/10

Synths - NOT USED!!! PERFECT!!!! 10/10

Overall - This demo fucking destroys!!!! Perfect black metal in the old style! There are similarities to Darkthrone, Beherit, and Blasphemy, with just a little touch of death metal... but they do enough to keep it original and interesting... Overall, this is one of the most promising demo's I've ever heard, and I cannot wait to pick up a full length when it is released... PURE HATRED! DEATH TO MANKIND!!!!! VERY good 8/10

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2000 niosrever