Lux Occulta
Forever Alone Immortal

Ahh, yes.. Lux Occulta.. one of my all time favorite bands.. You would think reviewing this CD would be easy for me, but it definately is not.. putting the emotions I get off this cd into words just will not work.. this is a true work of art and should not be missed by anyone.. I am just gonna go straight to the music cause there is no way I could describe the atmosphere given off by this album

Vox - The vocals here are very good.. they fit the music perfectly.. They range from a very high pitched black shriek, to a immensly deep growl, to a more blackened version of Deinonchyus (correct me if I spelled the name of that band wrong) vocals.. they are all performed excellently with a whole lot of emotion.. Near Perfect 9/10

Guitars - The guitars on this album are also godly, although they aren't very technical, they work perfectly to give off the amazing atmosphere.. the keyboard/guitar riffs are also amazing (and I usually HATE keyboard/guitar riffs with a passion).. these guys know exactly what they wanted to do on this album, and they took it, and did it perfectly.. I can't put into words how good this is Near Perfect 9/10

Bass - The bass work here is also very good, although it is hard to hear.. the bass stays in the back ground and provides yet another touch of atmosphere.. a very depressive one at that.. not much can be said about the technicality as its never brought to the foreground.. Very good 8/10

Keys - The keyboards used here are PERFECT, no one has a sense for how to incorporate keys into black metal like these guys do.. what is with these Poles?? they know how to create the best black metal imaginable.. as stated before the keys/guit. riffs are amazing, and when they aren't doing that, they use the keys as a whole nother instrument (instead of being gay and following the guitars all the time) and use it extremely well.. adding another important part to this surreal atmosphere (everything they do on this album is for sheer emotion and atmosphere..) Flawless 10/10

Flute - Though sparingly used, its used well enough to justify me talking about it.. again, this is used to add to the atmosphere, and again, it is done perfectly (Lux Occulta are GODS!)they even do some flute/guitar riffing which sounds very good.. Near Perfect 9/10

Overall - This is my favorite cd amongst my VAST collection (this and Mysticum - ItSoI) they take the three words "Forever, Alone, Immortal" and just make you FEEL them, live them.. these guys are the masters of atmosphere, never before have I ever completely lost myself while listening to a cd.. and this happens everytime I listen to this! So what the fuck are you doing? if you don't own this already you should be tortured with screwdrivers and buttplugs!! Perfection 10/10

2000 niosrever