Vital Remains
Dawn Of The Apocalypse

Vital Remains is trademark US satanic death metal, stuff like Acheron and Deicide you know??

I bet many of you can point out to me a thousand differences between this bands but I say guys, you're missing the point! The point about Vital Remains is not that they do longer songs than most of the rest and that they are more epic and structured than Deicide would be even if they de(i)cided on their next album to make a saga about ancient vikings. The point is this: US satanic death metal is an ongoing tradition that will just be enhanced by the number of bible bashers trying to get them to shut up, yet themselves inevitably getting bashed by the twin horns.

"Dawn of the Apocalypse" is not the first album by Vital Remains, it probably is the second. Had this band something to do with 'ole Cianide? Vital Remains here is heavy and in the LP I heard, the sounds just crush and are so clear, so perfectly fuzzingly industrially chillingly deathly that you just have to mosh. What might leave one a bit cold on this album is the fact that there are no really hit songs. You have to listen to this one a couple of times before it really gets to you. It's not one of the simple gore-grind bashers that you just listen to: "hey cool, a decapitated ensorcelled burnt grotesque head (skull) is being used in a horrifyingly anatomic way to please reproductive instinct". This is for the people who really think satanism, who do satanism, who like to listen to brutal music that has some fuckin' sense to it - people who listen to a song like Deicide's "Kill the Christian" and are dead serious - "man, that makes all the sense to me! this world is fucked up!".

2001 black hate