In Odium Veritas

This is Zavorash' second demo I've heard. They're from Sweden and they started out rather generically, like a bit rawer and more feelingful Dark Funeral and they had lyrics written in Tolkien's dark language. The first demo was, in fact better than this.

"In Odium Veritas" is just very angry, frustrated and someone could say 'nihilistic' black metal. But if you ask me, there are many more devil-worshipping, outrightly religious sounding bands that represent the essence of 'nihilism' while the bands that sound just social, come across as moralistic.

This demo has a heavy sound and they play some heavy riffs, where some death metal influence now also comes across. I can imagine that they probably make statements about the scene being full of shit and they want to be more distorted, angry and aggressive that all the rest. With the attitude you could draw a comparison to Satyricon's "Rebel Extravaganza".

2001 black hate