[War Hammer]

This anthology begins with the Putrescence demo from 1990 and logically works through all the band's studio recordings, ending with a few previously unreleased tracks. Despite the fact that Paul Ledney is a cum-guzzling fag who would probably rip off his own brother for everything he's worth, Profanatica are undoubtedly one of the strongest and most blasphemous projects to ever trek across the American underground and this is a rather good compilation of the group's work. Most of the heavy followers already own the majority of this material but it is convenient to have all in one place.

Sick as fuck spewing and hateful vocals, good solid drumming and trademark riffs (think of early Incantation) characterize Profanatica's classic loathsome and debauched medium. These guys were a forceful influence on black metal worldwide in the early 90's and this drips with a unique and vicious disease that is incomparable to any other band. Some lyrics or liner notes would have been nice (since this is a historical accumulation) rather than just pictures of the various recordings, but it's very difficult to go wrong with this and it can only compliment your collection. The Weeping in Heaven 7" and split with Masacre are the strongest moments.

Tracks 1-2 taken from the "Putrescence..." demo 1990
Tracks 3-5 taken from the "Broken Throne of Christ" demo 1990
Tracks 6-7 taken from the "Weeping in Heaven" 7" EP 1991
Tracks 8-11 taken from the split cd with Masacre
Tracks 12-16 previously unreleased material

2001 hando