Violent Restitution
[Fist Fight/Steamhammer]

Despite being very much the brainchild of Dave Carlo, this band was never the same after Screaming Sheepdog Stace McLaren decided to call it a day and I consider this their last truly greatly album. With releases such as Executioner's Song, Evil Invaders and the one at hand here (dating from 85' to 88'), Razor belong up in the ranks of Voivod and Sacrifice as the best of the Canadian (or any country really) thrash legends, and their massively jaunting and sadistic style is a pleasure to witness. Much of Violent Restitution is heavily Slayer-esque in nature although the sound is still completely different with a prevalent hardcore tone, not to mention much rawer and heavier guitars and pounding bass drums that present a rather strong comeback to the weak Custom Killing release. It's a relief to hear a "good old fun" thrash band playing about drinking and sex sometimes rather than the constant barrage of Satanic or political bands explaining how society will collapse if the human race is not immediately destroyed.

14 tracks, each song roughly over 2 minutes in duration, and classically amazing. Sheepdog opens the album with a bone-chilling scream that seems to echo forever and never lets up, while Carlo's extremely fast riffing is close to flawless and Mills' drumming, as mentioned before, is simply reverberating and powerful, backed by an authoritative Adam Carlo on base. What else really needs to be said? Anybody into 80's thrash will love this and highlights include "Enforcer", "Hypertension", and of course the self-titled song. A chainsaw is frequently used to add to the music and it comes across with commanding effect.

2001 hando