[Iron Pegasus]

I thought that the Sleeping Under Tartarus 7" and to a lesser extent For the Glory of UR were both great, but this Greek (in Australia now) band's latest release completely destroys. Necrolatry is actually one of their rehearsal tapes reformatted onto a miniature LP and it's rather limited, so try to get your copy now and revel in some excellent ancient sounding Bathory/Burzum worship with twisted melodic interjections and strange howling vocals that drip with primitive sickness. Everything is recorded on a 4-track and the five songs here blast along in a very traditional Greek style (think Necromantia except not so smothered in keys, or Rotting Christ) although still deeply contrast everything I've heard from that country and the riffs prevail as strong and original. This is killer stuff, and I'd recommend it to anyone into the old raw black metal style except those that have strong aversions to the Greek scene (and there seems to be more than a few of you out there).

A tribute to the antiquated approach performed with commendable originality. Get this! "Possessed by Twilight" makes the release worthwhile alone.

2001 hando