Judas Iscariot
Under The Black Sun

This limited edition Lp (500 handnumbered copies) features JUDAS ISCARIOT's live performance at the "Under the black sun festival" recoreded in Gransee, Germany, on July 8th, 2000, plus an unreleased studio track called "Black eternal winds".The line-up on the studio rack is the usual one (i.e. Akhenaten alone) and the one on the live part is: Akhenaten on guitar/vocals, Kanwulf (from the German band NARGAROTH) on guitar, Imperail (from the US horde KRIEG) on bass & Butcher (from MANIAC BUTCHER / AVENGER) on drums. As I like a lot J.I.'s music, I wondered how its tracks could sound during a live performance, so I bought that LP, because this recording isn't available on any other format and will never be re-released. But you can't imagine how disappointed I've been on the first time I listened to that LP ! The sound is so fucking horrible ! If you know the "Live Zaandam" CD from IMMORTAL, you have a good idea of the quality of this recording... It's almost impossible to recognize the songs, yet I have all the band's recordings & I know all its songs !!! The warning on the back of the package says "the sound found here is very raw (sic) and is the only audio-recording of this performance known to exist ! Don't expect typical profi-live sounds nor even flat gay-sound here !! If you are looking for such sound, don't buy this LP !! Fuck off !!! This is for maniacs only !!" This is bullshit ! Even if you like raw-sounding recordings, you have to recognize this one is pure shit, such as ANTAEUS's livetapes ! These people record shit and try to make a cult with them, but the real black metal fans deserve something else... Fortunately, the studio track is excellent, a slow "ala BURZUM" song as Akhenaten knows how to do them !

The conclusion is : buy this LP if you are a pure maniac of J.I. and a vinyl collector, because you will not listen to it very often ! If you really want a JUDAS ISCARIOT vinyl, buy instead the "Arise, my lord..." EP.

rating :
live part (5 songs including 1 NARGAROTH cover track) : 2/10
studio track : 8/10

2001 lord pesten