Hollow Earth
Dog Days Of The Holocaust
[Crowd Control Activities]

Hollow Earth is the side project of Dead World/ Deathpile creator and backbone Jonathan Canady, a well respected "Industrial Noise" figure within the scene. The duties are also handled by a member of the little known Blood Box, but I honestly don't know who!! "Dog Days Of the Holocaust" is a musical interpretation of the horrors experienced during the war, and this is made clear by the linear pictures of skeletons and corpses inside ovens, etc, etc. The first cut, "Floor Of Hell," starts out with an unusuall sample from some movie I have personally never seen, talking about animal slaughter houses and the like, played over some GENUINELY psycotic sounds and effects. The rest of the track literlly takes you on a journey into your subconcious and darkest fears... and I fucking love every minute of it!!! The next four tracks, namely "Scrawled in Blood," Rape Machine," Whispers of Hatred," and "Probe," all continue primarily along these same lines, incorporating destructive and disturbing effects that bring images of the Holocaust concentration camps to mind. Personally, I could not think of a better subject than the Holocaust to base a power electronics album on, for one because of the range horrors to represent, and also because of how offensive this might be to some people. I think it all the better. Offense is the supreme key to hatred. I look forward with anticipation to the new material...

2001 orodruin