Fates Warning
Night On Brocken
[Metal Blade]

Fates Warning is a band most older metalheads will have at least some knowledge of, and younger ones, like me, also should know about this band for they are a great 80’s band, and “Night On Brocken” is there defining moment.

Old school metal fans will immediately be happy with this album, but fans of progressive oriented Metal, what the band became after this album, should probably here it before they buy it. Being a fan of old school ripping Metal, makes me love this album. Duel guitar attacks are present on this album, which adds a lot to certain bands sound. John Arch uses a forced vibrato vocal style similar to Bruce Dickenson uses, which for this album, is perfect. Drumming is good, but this album isn’t very drum oriented.

Picking a best track is hard with this album is hard, they are all classics, however in an effort not to be boring I will say that “Kiss Of Death” has a classic pure Metal riff.

Any metalhead worth the skin stuck to their bones will own this classic, so stop reading this review and go buy it DAMMIT!

© 2001 ramrod