Judas Priest

Judas Priest is one of those bands that nearly every person into Metal has heard of. Priest had their slow moments, and brief moments of commercialism, but when they put their mind to it, great albums were released. “Painkiller” is the king of the hill as far as Priest albums go.

“Painkiller” kicks off with the title track, which from the very first riff the listener knows that Priest is going for the throat. “Hell Patrol” is the perfect mix of melody and aggression, which is where Priest shines there brightest. “All Guns Blazing” is another classic ripping tune. Halford’s vocals are great, switching from powerful melodies to blood churning screams. Drumming on this album is top notch, adding to the overall heaviness of the CD. Tipton obviously practiced a great deal as Priest was developing, which shows through on the album in the form of great solos. Metalheads seeking a good blend of melody, power and aggression should check this one out right away.

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