Forest Of Impaled
[Red Stream]

Forest of Impaled consists of Poles who moved to the U.S. They released an MCD of Northern style black metal with synth in 1996 before retooling their sound for their debut full length.

'Demonvoid' consists of black metal riffing played with death metal techniques and sound. Waves of melodic black metal guitar playing are given form, variety, and discipline by a death metal compositional approach, rhythmic strumming and varied percussion while occasional background synth adds darkness and flow to the songs.

Someone reviewing this CD remarked that it contains the type of riffs he had always hoped to hear, but few bands could deliver. Indeed the band has a great knack for creating memorable, distinctive riffs, thus avoiding the generic impression most attempts at black/death crossover leave. This combined with the fact that the album is about 30 minutes long (I like short albums) means this is the type of CD you'll want to play often.

The overall impression of the CD is aggressive but not "brutal"; they manage to strike a balance and keep it quite dark. The vocals aid this, as they're more focused on being dark and engrossing than extreme or punishing. At times I'm reminded of Sakis of Rotting Christ.

Forest of Impaled have created a seamless, potent sound for themselves and if they use it creatively, the next album has a chance to be a real highlight.

2001 j.s.