[War Hammer]

This is a collection of all of this legendary band's releases, limited to 1000 copies. The band attained a reputation for their outrageous image and crude presentation but will stand the test of time while other "cult" bands fade into obscurity because the music was excellent and ahead of its time.

The sound quality on these demos and vinyl releases ranges from bad to worse, but this is not noise created in juvenile rebellion. Profanatica, along with Incantation, came up with a distinct riffing and songwriting style that's influenced countless black and death metal bands over the last decade. The best example is the song "Spilling Holy Blood". The riffing generates a sick sort of fluttering melody with wrist movement, while the composition is dynamic and unpredictable yet balanced. There is a large Death influence in most songs, particularly "Weeping in Heaven", but the new eerie riffing heard in others like "I Arose" mark this as black metal, and the collapsible, multi-directional songwriting is evidence of a huge leap from the extreme metal of the '80s.

While I tend to prefer the more skillful execution of many of these ideas as found on Havohej's 'Dethrone the Son of God', these recordings are equally critical for black and death metal in their historic and atmospheric value.

- 'Putrescence of...' 1990 demo #1
- 'Broken Throne of Christ' 1990 demo #2
- 'Weeping in Heaven' 1991 EP
- 'Tormenting Holy Flesh' 1992 Osmose split with Masacre
- previously unreleased final sessions from 1992

2001 j.s.