Ah Dzam Poop Ek

What an original recording ! It is based on the Inca civilization & the cosmic mysteries, which is really unusual for a black metal band !! This band from Mexico was only known at that time for recording a demo in 1994, and later they only realized a promo tape in 1996 & a split demo the same year with another Mexican band, Avzhia. So no need to say that few people have heard of them, and I guess they have totally disappeared and will never release anything in the future (if you have any info, please help !!!)

Well, some of the lyrics are written in English & the other ones are in Latin but some titles are written in Inca. You can think whatever you want about the lyrics, which are really "strange" for a BM band (bis repetita...), but I'm pretty sure everybody will agree to say that the music is a pure tribute to HELLHAMMER /CELTIC FROST & DARKTHRONE. This CD represents exactly what CELTIC FROST made around 1986 and is also a copy of what DARKTHRONE composed on "A blaze in the northern sky". The music is very well played and the production is fairly good, which is surprising for a release made in 1994 by a Mexican Underground BM band ! Sometimes you have some "old Inca music" (or at least some South American Folkloric & Ancestral music) coming between two pure Black "Celtic Frost" Metal songs, which is really pleasant and reminds me about all the "new" bands we have here in Europe, which use some old pagan/slavonic instruments & influences in their music, in honour of their ancestors... These guys made the same 7 years ago ! I do not now about their label, Guttural records, but if all the bands they have signed are as good as XIBALBA, I really need to get ALL their releases...

In conclusion, if you worship the gods DARKTHRONE & CELTIC FROST, you must buy this CD, you will not be disappointed, for sure !!!

Rating : 8.5/10

2002 lord pesten