Osculum Infame

If you worship the latest CDs made by MARDUK, SETHERIAL, EMPEROR, SATYRICON (etc. etc., I mean shit so-called "Black Metal" by fucking brainless idiots), DON'T BUY THIS CD ! This is for real BM fans ONLY !

Here you have melodic yet very powerful BM, a bit like DIMMU BORGIR, but without what I call the "stupid parts" of DB's music. The keyboard has the main role in the music created by O.I. (!!). Except maybe the second track, which is really boring, all the songs are perfect, the band manage to restitute a "pagan tmosphere" that will please all fans of the French & Polish scenes. But be aware that this band has several common ideological points of view with other French BM bands like FUNERAL/KRISTALLNACHT, BLESSED IN SIN, BEKHIRA etc., you know what I mean, and the "Kein entkommen" track, completely sung in German, is a proof of that...

To conclude, I can say if you like Southern French BM, Polish BM and/or DIMMU BORGIR's first CD, get this one !


2002 lord pesten