Lunar Aurora
Auf Dunklen Schwingen

I have always had a hard time describing, or assinging any sort of category to the music of Lunar Aurora. They seemed to have, throughout the time since this demo came out, really kept themselves and their music seperate from any type of spotlight or recognition. Furthermore, the material they produce is simply bizzare... it really has a unique flair to it that seems to continually stray from the common sound. Auf Dunklen Schwingen, their second release and first well produced demo, takes the cake however. It is only on this tape that you will here how this band started out, and what sound they were using at the time, as they completely abandoned it later on. And, aside from only one later produced track, these songs are all unique to this particular offering, making it all the more valuable. The track in question is "Rebirth of An Ancient Empire," which came out again with their debut. Yet, the original version is clearly better, and really more enjoyable in the guise of necro production, than with the later refined sound. As for the other cuts, the title track is utterly breathtaking, both in it's morose nature, and in wonderful execution.

So, hail to Lunar Aurora, an inspirational force in the underground scene, for keeping the flame of orignality burning, and producing an utterly magical demo tape.

2002 orodruin