Servants Of Sorcery

AHHHHH!! It is a good feeling to be blessed once again with the sound of shit. There really is nothing in the world like it! What magic I find in the productions of Vlad Tepes, Darkthrone, Raven, Graveland... yet the sound of Fimbulwinter is truly unforgettable. In fact, it sounds almost identical to the F.M album by Raven, both in sound and execution. However, why Hot Records would produce this album of such unparralled ugliness, within the guise of a multiple paged glossy linear notebook, is beyond me.

Nonetheless, the music is all that counts, and it is great. There are several different styles being delivered here, ranging from some old school influence, to a blantantly punk rock feel. In fact, similar to Absurd, some of these tunes are just plain happy. I can't respect the band who feels the need to dabble in such utter faggotry as punk rock, even being so bold as to incorporate it's sound into black metal!

Aside from this unignorable fact, the rest of the album must be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak. As I made refrence to before, the sound is absolutely horrid... so most of you need not take heed anyways. Furthermore, the music may even seem outdated in several ways, I believe due in part to it's heavy reliance on the older sound, especially the likes of Celtic Frost. In fact, there even happens to be a Frost cover of Morbid Tales, with vocals made to sound like those of Warrior. Bad idea... your voice sucks ass!

To recap, Fimbulwinter, although now officially defunct, really made something special here. Those souls wishing to return back to the ages of black metal's dawn, may well be impressed by this material, and it's savage ferocity. Other's may care less. I could give a fuck either way. What matters is that I love and respect it... and only the true circle will think the same!!!

2002 orodruin