Gaahlskagg / Stormfront
[No Colours]

On this split there are two late-coming Norwegian bands of the primal school. They seem to be annoyingly parts of the flock that tries to be hateful and anti-trendy but where is the religious Satan you hear in the US or France bands?

If they try so hard to be ideologically believable they sterilize black metal with their presence, since black metal was never meant for those people who have some sort of a "healthy outlook", who the fuck wants to hear their bands and projects??

Ok, musically this isn't bad. Gaahlskagg is two members of Gorgoroth that play some sick erotic funeral metal that has distorted vocals and lyrics like "Skullfuck" that you get some kicks out of for few listens... but a generic norsecore vibe does not get along well with the lack of religious feeling - this gives me the same sort of annoyance I get from later Satyricon and Tulus. Why do the Norwegians want to keep cranking out of this shit if they are actually so dis-interested as they sound? Ok, enough slagging, if you're more easy on this side than I am you might actually like this, especially for the Gaahlskagg side. Stormfront just plays a couple of tracks of raw black metal like the old demo of Keep of Kalessin or even some of the better Ildjarn tracks. Simple, fuzzy, no frills.

2002 black hate