Demo '01

This entire album is a graphic glimpse into what goes on within the torture chambers of Hell. All the skumm of the earth finally get their fair share of torture. The aural atmosphere is in perfect alignment with the "story". The sound is airy and creates a space of its own. The vocals have also been mixed near-perfectly to exist within that space. The enjoyment that flows through my sub-human mind is imminent, not because this would be entertaining or amusing but because...it is like a good documentary! Food for my sub-human thoughts.

Near-perfect? Well, there are two vocalists on the album. Once, i nearly burst out laughing because the one singing on a higher pitch reminded me of chipmunks. It did not destroy the mood, however. It is far too compact to be broken by small disturbances.

The music is slow-paced and, at times, technical death metal. The whole of almost 30 minutes is based on a couple of melodies.

This stuff is both true and extremely brutal. Not for wimps and posers; this is strictly for the elite whose dedication and Love for the Master is obvious.

Contact: wormphlegm / po box 34 / 04501 kellokoski / finland

"vomit on everyone / crush everyone's bones / rape everyone / burn everyone / post-mortem for everyone"

2002 rotblood