Invoking The Worm

How the fuck did this incredible axe-churning wall of despair come about? Although I love Conqueror and Axis of Advance, way too many Canadian bands are trying to cash in on that Blasphemy-derived war metal trend these days, and it's a relief to hear something more original again from the solid frost-bitten land. Invoking the Worm is so black and evil it's almost like listening to a Rotting Christ demo at times, and at others provides such a chilling soundscape it could parallel with the best moments of Burzum. Despite the production being thin to the point that the cymbals often completely overtake the drums and everything surfaces a bit too shallow (even for the rawness of a demo), the sheer capacity of the guitar-oriented atmosphere is so aggressive and dark it barely detracts from the outcome at all.

In answer to the first question, Ouroboros is actually another one of Bernie's projects - though to be honest, this is ten times better than anything I've heard by Lust (Unholy Trinity Collection, Apocalyptic Torment). The vocals are still generally shrieks but they are solidly produced and Sabazios has moved much further away from Sarcofago and Necrovore to develop a more original and often doomish setting. Ouroboros was also developed primarily to be a live band, and in spite of not having the pleasure to see them at the Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child festival, their feedback has described them as remarkably energetic and spirited (even along the Brazilian lines).

Four tracks, all extremely interesting, and towards the end there's some odd invocations and speech segments about the right to bear rifles. I'm looking very forward to the full-length, but for those of you hoping for a cd you may be out of luck, because Bernie seems to be one of the endless vinyl advocates.

2002 hando