Attack Blood Revenge
[Dark Horizon]

Pretty much right in the vein of Conqueror's Warcult Supremacy, with parallel songwriting, structure, lyrics, and even the Ross Bay Damnation intro (used in "Vengeance Absolute"). Is that a complaint? Absolutely fucking not - I'd probably follow everything J. Read does, and despite him being the "sole" member here (session players Attacker and Dehumanizer give incredible bass and guitar performances, respectively), the sound is actually more harsh and cruel on this release. Of course it's still the same Blasphemy, Sarcofago, and early Voivod worship and follows the trademark upfront blistering drumming formula that served Warcult Supremacy with so much ferocity and power, but why change something that works so well? Revenge is intended to be a continuation of Conqueror, not a side project.

If there's one man in Canada that can drum on the same level as Paulus it would have to be the self-trained J. Read, and it's no wonder he was the replacement on Axis of Advance's Strike with inhuman displays such as this. Attack, Blood, Revenge is once again made up almost entirely of blast beats, but the method here never becomes even remotely boring, and this mcd always leaves me wanting more. However, I do have to admit that I'm mourning R. Förster's completely savage and apocalyptic vocals at times (some of which was studio-effected), although the sheer savagery and unrelenting barbarism here more than makes up for it. Revenge absolutely does not stop!

Another heavily recommended recording that met all my expectations, from one of the best black metal bands that is still active. I wonder how similar the 2001 Blasphemy rehearsal might be to this...

© 2002 hando