Old Forest
Into The Old Forest

I used to think that English "extreme metal" bands were all shits (C.O.F., BAL SAGOTH etc. etc.), but this was before I discovered OLD FOREST. This band plays excellent "pagan" black metal, quite simplistic but completely efficient. Even if sometimes the keyboard parts are boring,there are also parts which are FUCKING GREAT, and I do not know any band with such a keyboard sound !!! In fact, the whole album is really well inspired. You can feel some BATHORY & COUNTESS influences, even if the voice & synth parts are completely different. The songs are quite heavy, as the bass plays an important role in OF's music, and that's certainly the most important similitude between OF and COUNTESS. I discovered that band with their '98 demo "Of mists and graves"I really liked it, and later on I wasn't disappointed by the CD, so you guess I highly recommend you to buy the album & the demo. Even the lyrics are great ! But there is one bad thing with the CD : the band pictures are ridiculous ! So guys, next time shoot good pics and record another album like this, and it'll be PERFECT !

8 / 10

2002 lord pesten