Jesus Can FUCK OFF!!!
[Nuclear Hell]

HellVomit sounds like the most unholy bastard child of Blasphemy, Beherit, and the first couple of Bathory albums. For the first four tracks of this album the listener is pummelled with unrelenting drum machine bashing and endless streams of trem-picked single-note riffs or power chords. Deep, gruff vocals sound like they're vomiting forth from the very bowels of hell. Track five, "Armageddon Comes", starts with a slow, funeral dirge, like Beherit's "Drawing Down the Moon" era take on Funeral or Skepticism--droning and hypnotic, it lulls the listener into a trance-like vision of the end before starting blasting again with "Feats of Flesh". There are a few slower, drone/trance songs through the rest of the album, always alternating with blast-furnace speedfests. If you like it harsh and disgustingly blasphemous, then get HellVomit!!

2003 lord vic