Jerusolima Est Perdita
Marsch Der Kolonne
[Forgotten Wisdom]

Jerusolima Est Perdita is a raw primitif black metal band from Germany that claim to play Militaristic Black Metal. I must admit that this term is one of the raisons why I've ordering it. I've finalement buy it when I've seen that they have done a remake of the song "Das Stukalied" (a song of the Luftwaffe) : that make a long time that I'm searching a black metal band with a martial sound, and who remake some old war songs. Finally, for the martial sound, I was disappointed ; only the start of the intro, and a part of the song "Der Strosstrupp" really have a sound that remember the german war songs. For the cover of "Das Stukalied", I was also a little bite disappointed, cause they didn't play the song in entire, but only from the middle (the start is the original song). But, I am happy of my buying anyway ; even if it isn't exactly what I was looking for, Jerusolima Est Perdita is a really good band. The music let me think a little bite to Countess from the time of "The Book of Heretic" with a vocal a little bite more ala Megiddo (Canada). They also let me think to the band Sudarium. There is also 2 bonus tracks on this demo that are really more agressive than the others. But they are really more cliché, ala Darkthrone.

In short, dispite of my disappointment linked to my expectation, "Marsch der Kolonne" is a really good demo that I recommend to all the fans of german primitif black metal. In my opinion, Jerusolima Est Perdita is one of the best band from Germany is the last years with Wehrhammer.

Marsch der Kolonne = 8/10

© 2003 trépas