Christian Masquerade
[Eternal Devils]

I must say that I have absolutely NO idea how Brandubh got a BATHORY comparison out of this album (no offense!). Especially since KOHORT plays a chaotic/grindy style of low-tuned death/black metal. The guitars are tuned so low I don't know how the strings manage to remain intact. At times, their blast beats (which are Monotonous and extremely annoying in the first place) tend to get faster than most death/grind bands (about the same speed as "From Enslavement..." by NAPALM DEATH, maybe even faster), this is no more evident than on the first track. The only thing even remotely "black" about this release is the vocals, which are in the Polish black metal style, but don't fit with this music at all. Not much else to say about this, other than "AVOID"!!!

2002 bathym