Wind Of The Black Mountains
Black Sun Will Rise

This is the second album of Wind of the Black Mountains, who play Black Metal.

This band's first album, "Sing Thou Unholy Servants", is something of an underrated classic of American black metal. This being so, I was quite interested to see how the new album compared.

Unfortunately, where their debut was eerie, biting, and clever, this album is a rather sad collection of overdone cliche. I'm not sure what happened, but it's hard to recognize this as the same band - the musicianship is on the same level as before, but the songwriting has seriously deteriorated. Most of these songs are highly monotonous, and those that aren't have only a few outstanding moments. Even the best songs here make me feel as if I've heard it all before.

If you haven't heard their first album, I'd recommend picking it up, and skipping this. In any case, get this one via tape or CDR trade, and see what you think before spending your cash on this.

Standout tracks: "Bride of Lucifer", "Seduction of Eve"

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