Rev. Kriss Hades
The Wind Of Orion

Well I guess it's safe to say that, despite having a fair amount of Sadistik Exekution and Nazxul stuff I still don't like either band in the slightest so I was sceptical when the plans for the LP were made, in fact this cd kind of came out of nowhere for me. Anyway, I read that review that was out before the album and it made me want it straight away. When i got the thing, I was overjoyed at just how decent the first 2 songs were, the first one was actually Blackmetal. I didn't expect that nor did I expect it to be so damn original! I can't explain it, you'll have to hear for yourself.

After that the blackmetal just about ends and there's a bunch of ambient kinda stuff with tracks from an old tape as well. Admitedly I haven't listened past the first 2 tracks enough to really say what I think, some of you might find them appealing but either way, this recording is well worth getting on the strength of the first 2 tracks and no, I'm not just saying that, they really are that good! In summation, this is a really unique and original release that does Australia proud. It's just a shame the other tracks couldn't hold my interest like the first 2. Look out for the upcoming LP, it should be a work of genius providing the songs are all in the vein of the first track.

2002 cory