Rehtaf Ruo
Boiled In Goat Blood
[Unsung Heroes]

Words can't describe this, but I'll try. I originally had a long review that went through the tracks one by one but I can never read those and I shouldn't expect people to either. Basically rehtaF ruO is 100% BLACKmetal done in a completley unconventional and original manner. This is not like most American blackmetal bands with impure Death Metal influences, nor is it one that sings about fairy tales and the like. This is real blackmetal with real ideology and it shows. The guitars are really low in the mix, a shame because the riffs are really quite good. This doesn't detract from the overall picture in the slightest. The ritualistic drums and insane vocal assault combined with the guitar create an atmosphere of pure blackness and it seems the artist did exactly what he set out to do.

Every track has its own individual qualities but 4 stand out for me. Churchburner is more aggressive and straightforward then the others, the vocal delivery is so great, just read the lyrics while the song is playing and you'll know what I mean. Satanic Torture is one of 3 black/ambient songs from the album, very fitting title to this great and eerie piece. Child Sacrifice follows to great effect, it opens with the most morbid, sick riff. 45 seconds into it the vocals kick in and sound like they're straight from the master himself. A truly incredible song, the opening riff is changed slightly, leading the song out to great effect. After this is my favourite from the album, Pure Unholy Death. I had originally picked the song before it as the best work but this one kept growing on me and now it's certain. A good organ intro fades into chaos, there's like 4 styles of vocals here, about the same amount as the number of guitars that lead this song out. just listen to the lines "Livid burial skin lacerated and devoured. The screaming spirit melting into demonic power." the delivery is quite amazing. Pure Unholy Death is actually sums up the album quite well, it might not be instantly appealing but in time, it's quite a unique and brilliant sound. I'm sure not many of you will like or understand this and I'm sure even more of you don't deserve to listen to it. Not for fans of Dradle of Filth etc has never held as much meaning as it does now.

2002 cory