BEHERIT have always been a special band. They were formed in 1989 and at the time, played a kind of "grind black metal", a bit similar to ROTTING CHRIST's and BLASPHEMY's first releases (around 1989 / 90), and they quickly started to change their style. After several demos and EPs, their first official release was "Drawing down the moon" in 1992, and they played a "one of a kind" black metal, with vocal effects, heavy drum sound and huge bass effects. It was still black metal, but in a way no band had made it before. So, after the following EP ("Messe des morts", 1993), "H418ov21.c" came as the second album in BEHERIT's discography.

Their change is radical ! No black metal here, but "Ritual music" as Holocausto calls it. In fact, it's more indus / dark ambient than anything else. I'm not especially a specialist of the genre so I can't compare it with any band of the style, but I have to admit I like a lot this album. I also noticed recently that the beginning of the 4th track is exactly the same as the one which appears in the "ambient" track of MAYHEM's "Grand declaration of war" ! No need to say the Norsk were certainly inspired by this great, atmospheric & above all very dark piece of music recorded by the Finnish...

So, if you only like metal stuff (thrash, death or black metal) and really can't listen to atmospheric / ambient / indus or similar kind of music, no need to buy this CD it's not for you. The other ones can listen to it, maybe you'll find it interesting, but don't expect typical BEHERIT music (I mean old BEHERIT stuff). Anyway, I respect a lot this band as they radically changed their style, but not into a more commercial stuff as many bands later on, this music is really dark and not made for "normal" human beings. Really a special band...

7 / 10

2003 lord pesten