Hell's Rock & Roll

No other title could fit as well as this one does to this EP ! This is probably the most "groovy" album ever made by COUNTESS, just listen to the first track to understand what I mean. This is Black'n'roll, a great mix between the most "groovy" parts of BM and the most hateful part of Rock music. The only things that haven't changed in the band are the vocals and the omnipresnt bass parts. The MCD contains 4 tracks, including a live version of "On the wings of Azazel" (originally appearing on "The book of the heretic"). it ios out on a small Dutch label, which is obviously owned by Orlok himself. It was recorded just after "The book..." and before "The shining swords of hate", so it's a transitional EP, but it's really a great COUNTESS release, I mean of of their "buy or die" albums. So if you can get it, buy it it's really good stuff.

8 / 10

2003 lord pesten