Satanic Rites
[Hellhammer Maniacs]

"Satanic Rites" is a bootleg CD recorded by Hehhmar Maniac Records / Gulliver Smith Records (? Obviously they're from L.A.). It presents some of the band's frist tracks recorded in Switzerland in December, anno 1983. The sound is excellent, everything is clear and this is a proof to all those who record shitty quality bootlegs nowadays that they have no excuse, as this recorded was taken from 1983, a time when there was not all this good technology we have nowadays to record music... The tracklist on the back of the CD says there are 10 tracks but in fact 12 songs are on this recording. They will not give anyhtong to those who do not especially like CELTIC FROST and HELLHAMMER, but those who worship Tom G. Warrior & co. absolutely need this CD, which is a MUST for any fanatic of the band. So now you know what you have to do...

8 / 10

2003 lord pesten