Judas Iscariot
The Cold Earth Slept Below...

Released through Moribund Cult, this is the first CD released by Akenathen. It is limted to 1000 copies, and presents a "Norwegian-styled" Black Metal. Unfortunately, even if the next JUDAS ISCARIOT releases are good (or "great" sometimes), this one is a bit shitty. First, the production is almost inexistent, the less I can say is that this is not really an album you take pleasure to listen to ! The drum parts are incredibly crappy, Akenathen was certainly playing drums for the first time when he recorded this album. The only positive things from this album are : 1) it shows a big aggressivity and it is a proof of JI's early fury 2) the guitar riffs are great and some of them will later on be used on the next albums, with a more decent production, a better sound and a "real" drummer playing... This CD is reserved to completists, because if you don't like JI, you will find no interest in this recording.

4 / 10

2003 lord pesten