Judas Iscariot
Thy Dying Light

Although much better than "The cold earth...", the second CD of JUDAS ISCARIOT still presents some approximative black metal. The problems are especially due to the drums (as on the first album), Akenathen should really have used a "real" drummer or a good drum-machine for the recordings of this album. Thiq iq really a bad point as these songs are very good, they are more interesting than the average in Black Metal, with some DARKTHRONE-styled riffs (especially on the 7th track, which could appear on "Transilvanian hunger" !!!) and some BURZUM "depressive" feelings. As on any other JI's release, the cymbals may irritate you but that's how Akenthen wants them to sound, so you'll have to do with that and that's it ! Another particularity on this album are the song titles, especially long (example : "Writhing upon the wind of mystic philosphy and dreams" or "They saw his pale visage emerge from the darkness..."). I would have liked to check the lyrics, but unfortunately they are not given in the booklet... Anyway, this CD is very good but it would have been excellent and respectable with decent drum parts !

7.5 / 10

2003 lord pesten